A Sentiment For Those In Need Of A Smile.

When the pressure of bloodied fingers press upon my shoulders,

When the tiny slither of metal sinks into my gut and fills my circulatory system with anticoagulant,

When my torso has the stiffness of a steel girder and my nooks and crannies have been stretched by men in scrubs,

When the doctor’s mouth opens like a vortex into the unknown and ambiguous swirls of colour surround me,

When strange fingers bath unseen flesh,

When my limbs ache with stiff inactivity,

When my mind spins all the worrisome thoughts known to man,

When my flesh is poked and prodded to it’s absolute limit,

I shall smile and know that blood samples, mountains of paper and promises need not cause me sleepless nights anymore.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Make It Anywhere.”


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