A Guide to Life (Not really)

As you will all be gut-wrenchingly aware of: life didn’t come with instructions so this post isn’t going to be the answer to all of your prayers but its a good way to start putting yourself into an open mindset. Much of your life issues and miseries stem from the absence of one skill: to exist with a future which is only, proverbially, two feet in front of you and a past which only consists of lessons and joy. You will only ever achieve happiness if you stop picturing it as a distant cloud which is to be chased. Happiness only comes from accepting the fact that each moment recedes before your eyes; it comes in inches so you have to know that you are relishing each moment as it happens and know that external things can only cause you suffering and misery if you let the. You choose the occupation of your own mind. If you don’t want pain anymore just don’t let it in by always focusing your mind upon the wonderful things and the absence of pain, no matter how tiny.

After discovering that I have scoliosis, just over a year ago, every element in my life has felt ambiguous and I have woken up, some days, feeling my blood pounding in my ears and my stomach curling into itself. It’s frightening how close to the edge of who I am as a person I can travel when placed under the scorching, belly-twisting heat of anxiety. After mulling over the content of my months of adrenaline-fueled anxiety, I’ve finally realised that although I have no control over what happens, none of it is really my problem and the only thing I can control is the pain I allow into my life. For me, the purpose of my life is the fill my mind with joy and prosperity; it seems to me that it isn’t a case of learning new things. Life is unlearning poisonous things and becoming more receptive to who you really are and what truly matters.


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