Layers of truth

space eyes

 “The simulacrum is never what hides the truth—it’s the truth that hides the fact that there is none. The simulacrum is true.” ~ Ecclesiastes

I find it extraordinarily fascinating to delve into the concept that the world we live in is made of seven billion perceptions; that’s all it is—just one giant brain. As each set of eyes gaze up at the night sky, they perceive a different shade or aspect of what is essentially a singular existence. Every inkling or thought which has ever existed in one’s mind is what makes up the universe. Our reality—the insensate tranquillisation of our minds through trivialities like media, work and routine—is the immediate happenings of our life and how we perceive them; our reality is the simulacrum because we learn—to read, write and the way of which we must life our lives for the rest of our existence—in a clinical environment which is essentially a distorted imitation of the truth.  We imitate imitations of the truth of our existence on this planet; we copy a distorted and defiled copy of the truth.

The seven billion perspectives of life merge together to create truth and in doing so actually convince us that our perspective is the truth; we blindly believe that our perspective is the only ‘correct’ one. Our personal perspective and the several angles of which we look at life acts as a veil over our consciousness; it hides the idea that not one of us is correct because the brain of human existence consists of a large orb of perspectives; the human existence consists of seven billion angles of which we perceive our life and how they interact with each other to create reality. We’ve created the simulacrum—a defiled distortion of truth—by living our lives among seven billion others and letting the two merge together.

So I’ve established that our perception of life veils the idea that the brain of human existence is only a cocktail of billions of other angles of truth.  Now I bet you’re thinking “Why is this relevant?” If intelligent human existence is just several angles and layers of truth, combined, then your input into the world is imperative to how the truth of human existence evolves. You are important. Your expression of truth and your angle of viewing the life you live is going to affect how someone else lives there’s. When people talk about the future, they always seem to think that it’s somewhere in the distance; they separate it from the here and now. They have this distorted view that one day they will wake up and the future will have unexpectedly arrived. Let me tell you, it won’t just arrive. Everything you do now, every move you make and every word you say is a stepping stone to who you will be. Always visualize who you want to be and walk towards it now. no-one can stop you but you; no one can make you give up who you are meant to be so pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start walking again because the path isn’t going to shorten and transport you to your imagined life; you won’t wake up and have a future. All you have is now so make it count for something.


Ellie x


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